Toons For The Ages

This week, Caleb, Rob, and Craig sit down and chat about all things cartoons: Why do we watch them? What are some of our favorites? Are tropes good or bad for the industry? What are some of the differences between western cartoons and Anime?

The Final Rocketship - Saga

In a Magic Jam

This week, Caleb, Rob, and Craig chat about Spelljammer! A simultaneously old and new piece of content for the classic tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons. Come join the chat as they discuss the history of Spelljammer, and their ideas for adventures on the high seas of Wildspace.

The Fifth One, A Short Trek

This week, something a little different. Caleb and Rob provide some conversation for ‘The Fifth One’. Our new bonus episode format for when a month has 5 Tuesdays. In this episode, they review Star Trek: The Next Generation ‘The Inner Light’, a quintessential Star Trek experience.