D&D: Honor Among Thieves Review

Magic? Barbarians? A Quest? Betrayal? AN OWLBEAR!!?!

This week, Caleb, Rob, and Craig, review the latest installment of the Dungeons & Dragons Cinematic Universe, ‘Honor Among Thieves’. Listen in to this spoiler riddled episode about plot, music, adaptation, and just plain old fun.

By the way, do you think Hugh Grant is reaching that age where he looks like someone’s aunt?

The Prime Suggestion

This week Caleb, Rob, and Craig are joined by special guest James to talk philosophy. Specifically, what are the ethical ramifications of ‘The Prime Directive’ from Star Trek. Is it right and proper policy? How stringent are Star Fleet when enforcing this rule? Why even bother?

Fifth One: A Quiet Dungeon

This week, Caleb and Rob have a chat about the hardest boss in D&D: the scheduling. Why is it so difficult to get people around the table consistently? What is making them show up in the first place? How do you balance passion for the game with life responsibilities?

Reviews Redux

This week, Rob was unfortunately unavailable and so the discussion turned to movies Caleb made Craig watch. Come listen in as the two of them discuss 2015’s “Spotlight” and 1998’s “Smoke Signals”. What made these movies great? What did our hosts take away from them? Are their any parallels to make between the 2 movies or is it literally just the movies that were watched most recently?

Our Fancy Guide to DMing

This week, Caleb, Rob, and Craig have a chat with a very special guest, Ashley! Come listen in as they give a peak behind their Dungeon Master screens and chat about all things DM’ing. How do they handle their players? What have been some of their favorite moments? How do they balance narrative and player agency?

Thrice Done Reviews

This week, Caleb, Rob, and Craig each make the other two watch a particular movie for review. The picks are Caleb: ‘Thunderheart’, Rob: ‘The Man From Earth’, Craig: ‘Gattaca’. Come listen in as they chat about if these movies are any good? What the movies meant to them? And what are the greater implications of these stories?