Tales from the Fire

Come, take a place in the circle, and soak in the warmth of the fire. It’s dark out there, and you’re welcome at our sanctuary of light. However, a place at our fire comes at a price. You must listen to the stories we share, and if called upon, add your tale of adventures in the dark.
This week, Caleb, Rob, and Craig are joined by returning guest, James. Listen in as they try their hands at narrating some of their favorite stories of the grim, weird, and spooky.

Proof of Authenticity

What makes something authentic? Does authorial intent matter? Does the lens, through which you consume media, enhance or detract from the experience? Can you lie to drive home an idea or is that insincere?

This week, special guest Stacy brings some deep questions. As the regular crew, Caleb, Rob, and Craig pepper her with questions and their thoughts.

The Prime Suggestion

This week Caleb, Rob, and Craig are joined by special guest James to talk philosophy. Specifically, what are the ethical ramifications of ‘The Prime Directive’ from Star Trek. Is it right and proper policy? How stringent are Star Fleet when enforcing this rule? Why even bother?

Our Fancy Guide to DMing

This week, Caleb, Rob, and Craig have a chat with a very special guest, Ashley! Come listen in as they give a peak behind their Dungeon Master screens and chat about all things DM’ing. How do they handle their players? What have been some of their favorite moments? How do they balance narrative and player agency?