D&D: Honor Among Thieves Review

Magic? Barbarians? A Quest? Betrayal? AN OWLBEAR!!?!

This week, Caleb, Rob, and Craig, review the latest installment of the Dungeons & Dragons Cinematic Universe, ‘Honor Among Thieves’. Listen in to this spoiler riddled episode about plot, music, adaptation, and just plain old fun.

By the way, do you think Hugh Grant is reaching that age where he looks like someone’s aunt?

Fifth One: A Quiet Dungeon

This week, Caleb and Rob have a chat about the hardest boss in D&D: the scheduling. Why is it so difficult to get people around the table consistently? What is making them show up in the first place? How do you balance passion for the game with life responsibilities?

Our Fancy Guide to DMing

This week, Caleb, Rob, and Craig have a chat with a very special guest, Ashley! Come listen in as they give a peak behind their Dungeon Master screens and chat about all things DM’ing. How do they handle their players? What have been some of their favorite moments? How do they balance narrative and player agency?

The Final Rocketship - Saga

In a Magic Jam

This week, Caleb, Rob, and Craig chat about Spelljammer! A simultaneously old and new piece of content for the classic tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons. Come join the chat as they discuss the history of Spelljammer, and their ideas for adventures on the high seas of Wildspace.